Private App. Store Solution for Enterprise (Enterprise App. Store)

Tion™ Enterprise App. Store is the right solution for the most efficient management of distribution, statistics and version control of mobile apps for employees, as the rise of the trend of BYOD.

Device Client

  • New App. Push Notification
  • Updated App. Push Notification

App. List (Home)

  • All App. list
  • Uninstalled list
  • Display App. status
  • Search App.


  • Name, Version, OS version
  • Install/Update/Open
  • Description
  • Preview
  • Search App.

My App.

  • Query installed App. list
  • Query update App. list
  • Display App. Status


  • Query category
  • Query App. List of category
  • Search App in category

Web Admin

  • EAS registration/distribution
  • Registration
  • Management
  • Category
  • Notice
  • Management history
  • Log/Statistics
  • IE 8.0 above, Chrome, Firefox,

Superior Performance and Scalability

  • Native client software guarantees the fastest speed and best performance
    (Android & iOS)
  • Push notification for new app. or updated app.
  • Provide tool to make .plist automatically for iOS app.
  • Integrated management of MDM for Android & iOS device

System Requirement

  • OSSolaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Windows NT
  • H/WHDD 300GB or above, RAM 8G or above
  • S/WMS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, J2SE 6.0 or above

Enterprise-Class Security

  • No data stored on the device
  • Encryption of the data transferring to the device
  • Multi-factor authentication based on user info. (ID/PW, MDN) and
    device info. (IMEI, MAC)
Benefits if your company has Tion™ Enterprise App. Store
  • You don’t have to make distribution site for each mobile service. (Cost reduction)
  • Dramatically improve convenience of distributing new or update app through push notification.
  • Easily manage apps for each user and each device by integrated admin. system.
  • Easily get statistics for apps in using in your company.