Email / Schedule / Contact (Enterprise Mobile Groupware)

Tion™ Mobile Groupware provides mobile version of enterprise email, schedule and contacts for MS Exchange, Google Apps, VMware Zimbra, IBM Domino, etc, along with a variety of value-added features such as secure document viewing, push notification, etc.

Device Client


  • Push alarm for new email
  • Email read/write
  • Link to address book
  • Temporary folder
  • Reply/forward/forward all
  • Search
  • Delete
  • View attachment
  • View sender/receiver
  • Restore the deleted email
  • Move mail box
  • Auto address-made


  • Push noti. for new schedule
  • Push reminder
  • View monthly/weekly/daily schedule
  • View attendant on schedule
  • Create a schedule


  • View org. chart
  • Contact add/delete
  • Save contact to phonebook
  • Contact search
  • Search all
  • Link to email
  • Link to phone dialer
  • Link to SMS


  • Email Account
  • Font Size
  • Password Lock
  • Push Alarm
  • Program Info.
  • Service Desk

Tablet UI



Employee Info.

Address Book

Dov. Viewer

  • Supported file formats
    • MS Office 2003~2010 (Doc. Excel, PPT)
    • HWP
    • PDF
    • HTML, Text
    • All types of images such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc
    • AutoCAD
    • Video (WMV, AVI, MPEG, AAC, etc)
    • Others (upon requested)
  • Auto landscape converting
  • Integratable with any DRM decoder
  • Watermark
  • Sava and use converted document (Support NAS)
  • ZIP file (Support ZIP file folder)
  • Option menus for resolutions (excel file)
  • Slide show
  • Zoom In / Out
  • Thrum-nail icon (short-cut)

Superior Performance and Scalability

  • Native client software guarantees the fastest speed and best performance
    (Android & iOS)
  • Use optimized TCP/IP protocol to provide faster speed
  • Support a variety of wireless technologies such
    as 2G, 3G, LTE, WiFi, WiMax, WiMax, etc
  • Two-step download of text and image to provide fast viewing of mail contents
  • Scalable architecture as to increasing users

Value-Added Feature

  • Support various font styles like bold, size, color and table
  • Zoom-in/out content
  • Support full HTML styled mail content
  • Support attachment based on streaming service
  • Provide in-house Push technology for various services
  • Polished tablet UI
  • Integrated admin web portal that can manage users, devices and services

Enterprise-Class Security

  • No data stored on the device
  • Encryption of the data transferring to the device
  • Provide a local password lock and app. execution lock upon
    a device lost
  • Integrated with currently in-use DRM decoder
    (DRMed document can be viewed)
  • Watermarks to be inserted on document
  • Multi-factor authentication based on user info. (ID/PW, MDN)
    and device info. (IMEI, MAC)

System Requirement

  • OSSolaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Windows NT
  • H/WHDD 300GB or above, RAM 8G or above
  • S/WMS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, J2SE 6.0 or above