Rich Messaging Communication for Enterprise (Enterprise Mobile Messenger)

Meet talk is a wireless data service based web-to-phone messaging solution that aims to replace the current group messaging service based SMS/MMS for B2B. It also, provides innovative communication service through rich contents.

Device Client

Manage sender list

  • Display conversation Message
  • Call to sender

News Home

  • Call/Text
  • Link to homepage
  • Message list

View received messages

  • Display sender
  • Message content type
    • Text
    • Image
    • Video & audio
    • Document
  • Delete message


  • Notice
  • Message notification
  • Font size (4 level)
  • Password

Web Admin

Write Message

  • Select from contact
  • Message type
  • Send instant/reserved message
  • Load the previous
  • Preview

View Statistics

  • Query period statistics
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly
  • Group sending statistics
  • Sending result statistics
  • News home statistics
  • Download excel format

News Home

  • News name
  • Introduction
  • Title image
  • Phone/Email
  • Homepage


  • Native client software guarantees the fastest speed and best performance
    (Android & iOS)
  • Support various message contents like text based HTML, image,
    video and documents.
  • Provide the interface of sending message based on organization chart
  • Provide beneficial statistics

System Requirement

  • OSSolaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Windows NT
  • H/WHDD 300GB above, RAM 8G above
  • S/WMS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, J2SE 6.0 above

Enterprise-Class Security

  • No data stored on the device
  • Encryption of the data transferring to the device
  • Multi-factor authentication based on user info. (ID/PW, MDN)
    and device info. (IMEI, MAC)


※ We’re going to provide phone to phone message function for secure communication in Feb. 2013