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Revolutionize the workplace, BY THE POWER OF MOBILITY

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  • Meet Meeting : Tion™ Paperless Meeting, running perfectly on all the wireless technologies such as 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMax, is a tablet-optimized native application that makes an on-premise meeting ever more productive, innovative and cost-effective. Strong security features are specially equipped for highly security concerned companies
  • Bitalk is a wireless data service based web-to-phone messaging solution that aims to replace the current group messaging service based SMS/MMS for B2B. It also, provides innovative communication service through rich contents.
  • Mobile Groupware : Tion™ Mobile Groupware provides mobile version of enterprise email, schedule and contacts for MS Exchange, Google Apps, VMware Zimbra, IBM Domino, etc, along with a variety of value-added features such as secure document viewing, push notification, etc.
  • Enterprise App. Store : Tion™  Enterprise App. Store is the right solution for the most efficient management of distribution, statistics and version control of mobile apps for employees, as the rise of the trend of BYOD.
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